What did you do today?

You have no excuse for not learning the Past Simple now… Can you leave a comment telling what you did YESTERDAY?

Let’s travel with Irregular Verbs

In these videos you can see the irregular verbs. You can see lists of three verbs. The last form of the verbs are unknown for you, but you must know they are the Past Participle. We have not studied it yet but it is ok if you get familiar with these new verbal form.

Kids singing about disease

These kids can help you to learn more health vocabulary. It’s very fun! Have a look at it. Come on! http://youtu.be/5vTWRZQD-pc

Health vocabulary

If you want to practise the health vocabulary, these are your videos! There are some new words. Do you think you can learn al of them? let’s try and let me know how many new words you can remember.