Halloween activities

If you are not scared enough, here you have some more activities to spend a real spooky Halloween. I hope to see some terrifying comments from you. CLICK HERE FOR MORE HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES  


  En el colegio Narval ya se respira un ambiente tenebroso . Nos estamos preparando para dos días de Halloween aterradoramente divertidos . Tendremos una «survival zombie» y esta tarde repetiremos con el pasillo del terror. Os esperamos para asustaros.


Happy Halloween! and remember to look under your bed before going to sleep…

What have you learnt today?

English is very easy, in fact, there is a trick if you want to be a successful student of English: There more you are exposed to  English, the more you will learn. Everyday you will learn something new in English and you will say that you are climbing steps in a ladder. Which step have […]


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